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Multipurpose Single Page WordPress Theme

Thank you for purchasing my theme. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here. Thanks so much!


Support is not provided by ThemeForest authors, but I do offer limited support for my customers. I only provide support for my themes and their core features and functionality. I cannot guarantee my themes will function with all third party components, plugins, web browsers, and server environments. If you plan on adding numerous plugins to this theme, please note I can not fascilitate support of any conflicts they might cause with the default Core Theme functionality. The Core WordPress theme is presented as is.











Support Videos


You should have the latest version of Wordpress installed. This will ensure you're up to date, and will allow the theme to use all the new features of WP 3+ Versions.

Please don't upload whole Download.zip archive.


You have a two ways to install a theme.


1 - First way

Please take a look a structure of the Download.zip archive you've got after purchasing. Upload a theme folder only on the ../wp-content/themes/ directory via any FTP manager. Then follow to Admin Panel > Appearance > Themes and activate a new theme.



2 - Second way

Find a theme folder (see image above) and zip that. Then follow to Admin Panel > Appearance > Themes > Install Themes > Upload and upload an archive you've created.



Installing the dummy data

We have included three major skins (Restaurant, Spa, Multi Purpose). You can easily choose one under the skin menu in Adminpanel. Then click the "import dummy data" button on top right corner.



Theme Settings

Theme options are crucial to the Core theme. You must go through the theme options setup before the theme will work properly.

  1. You'll notice above the Appearance pane in the left sidebar is the Core settings pane. Click the Core navigation.
  2. Fill out the available settings; It's having 10 different types of setting pages with tabs. Please use help tooltips (?), and change as you wish.Save Changes.
1.1. General - To set logo, favicon and other settings

1.2. Sociable - To set social share module at the top of the theme.

2.Appearance - Here you can change the appearance of the theme
2.1. Menu - To Change the Menu section appearance behaviour

2.2. Header - To customise the header section of the theme

2.3. Body - To customise the body portion of the theme like body font and its background
Appearance - Body

2.4. Footer - To customise the footer portion of the theme like body font and its background
Appearance - Footer

2.5. Typography - To customise the Font color, size, type from H1 upto H6
Appearance - Footer

3.Skins - Core comes with following predefined 5 color skins( You can add your own skin :) ).

4.1. General - To place any code , that will be appear in header portin of every page / post.

We have to sections to place code for the top and bottom of ever page.

Integration - General

4.1. Post - Single Post page customization

With the help od this "Post integration" section , you can do the following things,

  1. 1. Setting up top and bottom code for individual post
  2. 2. Post Meta section - to show / Hide post meta options(Author, Date, Comment, Category and tag info)
  3. 3. You can enable Social share & Social bookmark module with easy customization option.
Integration - Post

4.1. Page - Single page customization

You can do all the options like post page customization expect the Post Meta section for the pages.

Integration - Page

5.SEO - Drag and Drop SEO Module
Integration - Post
  1. Title Delimiter - Please specify the symbol , that will appear in title of the pages.
  2. Page Title Formats - Drap and Drop option to customize the page title
    1. Single Post & Page Title Format
    2. Category, Archieve & Tag page Title Format
    3. Search & 404 page Title Format
  3. Meta - To specify Meta data & other SEO elements
    1. You can generate automatic Canonical URLs for entire website
    2. You can exclude the archieve, category and tag pages from indexing to avoid duplicate content.
    3. You can generate:
      1. Automatic description
      2. Meta keywords ffrom the tag and category for posts.
6.Speciality Pages - Archive , Search & 404 Page
Available Options:
  1. You can choose page layout
  2. You can choose post layout for Archieve and Search page
  3. Custom 404 Text for 404 Page
Archive And Search Page settings
Speciality 1

Speciality 2

404 Page settings
Speciality 2

Available Options:
  1. Show / Hide Footer Section
  2. Columns Layout - To choose which style footer you want?
  3. Footer Logo Settings
    1. show / Hide Footer Logo option
    2. Upload new footer logo
  4. You can set Copyright text ,and enable it to show in front view

Go to 'Appearance > Widgets'. You'll see footer widgets area on the right

8.Widget Area - To create custom widget areas

You can create custom widget areas for post , page and cateogry pages.

The sidebars you created here will appear in "Appearance > Widgets"

9.Responsive & Mobile

You can enable responsive option in "Core > Responsive & Mobile > Make My Site Responsive"

And you can disable sliders by choosing the 'Disable Slider for Mobile Devices' option in "Core > Responsive & Mobile"

Available Options:
  1. Custom Admin Login page Logo
  2. Custom Admin Logo
  3. Custom Buddha Panel Logo
11.Buddha Bar


The theme comes with 4 custom widgets

  1. Core Pages
  2. Core Posts
  3. Core Portfolio
  4. Core Twitter Widget


This theme comes with several shortcodes that will make customizing your content easier.. In this theme Shortcode Builder can used to build the essential shortcodes. The following picture shows the essential shortcode builder, it displays when Visual Mode in post content textarea. Notice: Shortcode Builder Video-1 and Shortcode Builder Video-2 are essential shortcode builders click to watch on YouTube.

This theme comes with several shortcodes that will make customizing your content easier. Use the list below for reference. You can also see the shortcode page on the demo site for reference.

List of Shortcodes

Template Pages

1. Default Template
Default Template

2. Blog Template
Blog Templte

3. Portfolio Template
Portfolio Template

4.Sitemap Template
Sitemap Template

Folder Structure

Folder Structure

HTML Structure

The general template structure is the same throughout the template. Here is the general structure.

. . . . .
. . . . .
. . . . .
. . . . .

CSS files and Structure

The style.css is main css file used in this template. This file also contains some general styling, such as anchor tag colors, font-sizes, etc. Keep in mind, that these values might be overridden somewhere else in the file.

        @charset "utf-8";
        /* CSS Document */
        @import "css/reset.css";
        /*----*****---- << General >> ----*****----*/
            Body Style Comes here
            /*----*****---- << Fonts >> ----*****----*/
            Fonts Style Comes here
            /*----*****---- << Headings >> ----*****----*/
            Headings Style Comes here (H1 .... H6 Styles)
            /*----*****---- << Text Elements >> ----*****----*/
            Text Elements Style Comes here
            /*----*****---- << Tables >> ----*****----*/
            Tables Style Comes here
            /*----*****---- << Definition Lists >> ----*****----*/
            Definition Style Comes here
            /*----*****---- << Buttons >> ----*****----*/
            Buttons Style Comes here
            /*----*****---- << Forms >> ----*****----*/
            Forms Style Comes here
            /*----*****---- << Images >> ----*****----*/
            Images Style Comes here
            /*----*****---- << Columns >> ----*****----*/
            Columns Style Comes here (one-third, one-half ... Styles)
            /*----*****---- << Lists >> ----*****----*/
            Lists Style Comes here
            /*----*****---- << Widgets >> ----*****----*/
            Widgets Style Comes here
        /*----*****---- << Layout >> ----*****----*/
            /*----*****---- << Container >> ----*****----*/
            Container Style Comes here
            /*----*****---- << Header >> ----*****----*/
            Header Style Comes here
    /*----*****---- << Responsive Menu >> ----*****----*/
            Responsive Menu Style Comes here
    /*----*****---- << Main >> ----*****----*/
        Main Style Comes here
            /*----*****---- << Home >> ----*****----*/
            Home Style Comes here

            /*----*****---- << Services >> ----*****----*/	
            Services Style Comes here
            /*----*****---- << About >> ----*****----*/	
            About Style Comes here
            /*----*****---- << Team >> ----*****----*/	
            Team Style Comes here
            /*----*****---- << Blog >> ----*****----*/	
            Blog Style Comes here
            /*----*****---- << Blog Single >> ----*****----*/	
            Blog Single Style Comes here
            /*----*****---- << Blog Comment Entries >> ----*****----*/	
            Blog Comment Entries Style Comes here
            /*----*****---- << Portfolio >> ----*****----*/	
            Portfolio Style Comes here
            /*----*****---- << Portfolio Single >> ----*****----*/	
            Portfolio Single Style Comes here
            /*----*****---- << Contact >> ----*****----*/	
            Contact Style Comes here
            /*----*****---- << Features >> ----*****----*/	
            /* Accordion */
            Highlight Style Comes here
            /* Tooltip */
            Dropcap Style Comes here
            /* Tabs */
            Horizontal Tabs Style Comes here
            /* Pricing Tables */
            Standard Toggle Style Comes here
        /*----*****---- << Footer >> ----*****----*/
        Footer Style Comes here

If you would like to edit a specific section of the site, simply find the appropriate label in the CSS file, and then scroll down until you find the appropriate style that needs to be edited.


This template imports following Javascript files.

  1. jQuery framework (jquery.js)
  2. Modernizr (modernizr-2.6.2.min.js)
  3. Isotope plugin (isotope.js)
  4. CarouFredSel plugin (jquery.carouFredSel-6.2.0-packed.js)
  5. Easing (jquery.easing.1.2.js)
  6. PrettyPhoto (jquery.prettyPhoto.js)
  7. Tabs (jquery.tabs.min.js)
  8. Tweets (jquery.tweet.js)
  9. bx Slider plugin (jquery.bxslider.min.js)
  10. For Navigation
    1. Mobile Menu (jquery.mobilemenu.js)
    2. Visual Nav Plugin jquery.nav.js, jquery.scrollTo.js
  11. Media Element
    1. Audio (audio.min.js)
  12. And custom js like (core-custom.js)


Find these plugins under "/plugins" folder.

Setting up sliders( Layer & Revolution Sliders) - Video

PSD Files

I've included three psds with this theme:

  1. The main layout
  2. The Features Page
  3. The Blog Page

Sources and Credits

I've used the following images, icons or other files as listed.

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this theme. As I said at the beginning, I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this theme. No guarantees, but I'll do my best to assist. If you have a more general question relating to the themes on ThemeForest, you might consider visiting the forums and asking your question in the "Item Discussion" section.